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    Pool Leak Repair

    Pool leaks can cause major damage, leave the leak repairs to us!

  • Swimming Pool Leak Repair & Detection

    Pool Leak Detection,  Repair, and Underwater Services


     When you hire NJ Pool Patcher, you will hire an expert leak detection service technician. We will learn exactly what your needs are, whether it is underwater pool leak repair, pool leak detection, pressure testing, to dye testing, and will provide you with the best price. We believe that no job is too small and pride ourselves in our ability to stay within our clients' budgets and deliver our services in a timely manner. Our service areas are from Toms River to Freehold up to Marlboro and Manalapan. This covers the majority of the pools in the central area of NJ. If you are unsure give us a call at times we will travel farther, we will definitely help you with your swimming pool leak repair!

    Types of pools leak detection can be on:

    We provide Pool leak detection for residential swimming pools indoor or outdoors, in ground or above ground, vinyl to cement and even fiberglass pools can have leaks detected by us in the Monmouth, Ocean areas of New Jersey.

    NJ Pool Patcher's number one goal is to help you prevent and repair pool leaks that are costing you money now and will save you thousands in the future. You spend a lot time making your pool beautiful, but how much money are you spending to keep it full?

  • * NEW Pool Leak Tech Support Help By Phone

    • We are soon going to offer a Pool Leak Tech Support Hotline for the entire U.S.. Every home owner will be able to ask questions to the top experts and we will guide you the correct way to help find your pool leak. Phone appointments of questions will have a pre-paid one time cost of $95.00 for a one on one consultation w/ diagnostic help. (No NJ Customers)
    • We will also offer Leak Detection Tech Support help for the pool industry, pool builder and service companies that need tech support from experienced experts on how to use leak detection equipment and find the leaks with our help. The rate will be $350.00 for phone training. (we do not offer phone training for NJ Businesses)
    • Onsite Leak Detection Training at your location will soon be available as well. We will come to your state and train you on your personal job sites for 3 days.
  • Do I Have A Swimming Pool Leak?

    So you think you have a Swimming pool leak ?

    If you’re adding more than one inch of water a week to your pool, you may have a pool leak and may need a repair. If you are unsure, you have come to the right place to learn how to do a leak test to determine if your pool is leaking. A leak, even a small one, the size of a pin whole can cost you more than you think. In addition to costly water bills and added chemical consumption, your leak could cause accelerated surface deterioration, equipment failures and even sink holes. NJ Pool Patcher can alleviate this nightmare, and help you bring back the appeal of your pool with our pool leak detection services! Give us a call to discuss your swimming pool repair needs.
  • Swimming Pool Leak Detection Services

    • Above Ground Pool Liner Leak Detection
    • Underground Broken Pool Pipe Locating
    • In-ground Pool Leak Issues ?   Call Us 732-705-7344

    ( we need answers to questions for an accurate quote for in-ground pools, sometimes we are on the road or on a job, calls will be returned within an hour if ,a message is left, and if your call was missed.)  THIS IS OUR PRIME PART OF THE SEASON AND ARE VERY BUSY WE DO PROMISE TO RETURN YOUR CALL BY THE END OF THE DAY

  • Normal Leak Questions We Will Ask:

    Please take note of your leak conditions your are experiencing, this will only help diagnose your pool faster and more efficiently, without having to do more service work then needed.

    • Is the pool leaking more or less with the equipment on?
    • Is the pool leaking more or less with the equipment off?
    • Does the pool leak all the time, same water loss with pump on or off?
    • Does the water stabilize at any particular level?
    • Vinyl Liner, Gunite, or Cement Pool?
    • Any air bubbles being pushed into the pool from the wall jets when pool is running?
    • Any issues priming the pump and filter at start up?
    • When did the problem start?
    • Was the water low over the winter, or was it low when you opened the pool?
    • How was your water loss last year?



  • liner pool leak detection and repair

    We use state of the art equipment when performing our pool leak detection services. By applying a low voltage within the pool,  vinyl, fiberglass, and other shell lined pool leaks can now easily be found.

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  • Pool Leak Detection and underwater repair

    We have professional scuba divers to place the patch correctly in the exact location of the failed area of the pool, it would be almost impossible to repair a deep underwater pool leak repair without them.

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  • Pool Leak Detection pipe leak locating

    Have a Pool Pipe Leak and don't know where to dig?

    We can pinpoint it to a foot area! Our Pool Pipe Leak Electronic Listening Device takes pool leak detection to a new level. We find this making leak detection a major part of our service offerings and very proficient at leak detection for listening over solid surfaces (cement), pipe contact, and through sand or soil.

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  • Pool Leak Detection pressure testing

    Regardless of whether the leak is suspected to be in the plumbing or the structure of the pool, a pool pipe pressure test can be done to provide confirmation of parts of the pool are leaking, how many leaks, which can be eliminated as suspected leak areas. It is very important because it allows us to provide the pool owner with the assurance that all leaks have been found.

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  • Pool Return Jet Repair & Skimmer Repair ( no digging or cutting )

    Pool fittings to return jets of swimming pools, or fittings to a skimmer box can go bad in a pool. When this happens cutting into concrete is needed to repair the leak under the deck of a swimming pool and can cost a lot of money.

    We have some tricks of the trade that we can sometimes apply to save time and extra added expenses. These are repairs that will last just as long as your pool. The best part is that it does not require any Cutting or Digging to repair return jets or skimmer box pipes that are broken very close to the surface. Jet Leaks must be within 1-3 inches from end of pipe, Skimmer leaks can be up to 4-5 inches from end.

    Most repairs only take an hour, a pressure testing service, and our personal repair kit.

    If you are in need of this type of repair we urge you to contact us with your questions.

  • Here, AQUA’s Senior Editor takes a look at the leak detection niche with an eye towards the value of specialization. Leak detection specialists often consider themselves a breed apart. Whether the task requires diving in sometimes frigid water to locate leaks in pool shells or liners, or conducting plumbing pressure tests on complex circulation systems, these professionals take pride in their detective-like skills and their shared determination to find even the smallest breach. According to some, there’s an almost adversarial relationship between specialists and leaks — it’s not so much a job as a quest to find the sources of water loss every time. Doing so requires both a careful methodology and an open mind, as leaks can occur anywhere in pool or its circulation system. Many are also quick to point out that detection technology has advanced to the point where the majority of leaks can be found quickly and accurately. That is, if the person using the electronics knows what they’re doing.


  • Underground Leaking Pipe Locating

    pool leak detection leak pinpointing

    Leaking broken pool pipes can be a challenge to locate. That's when we step in! Our incredible technology allows us to pinpoint leaking pipes within an inch or two of underground pool pipe leaks.Need to find the exact location of that leak in the pipe?  This service is for you!

    (Pressure testing must be included with this test)

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