• Swimming Pool Leak Detection

    Pool Leak Detection


     This subject is one of the most heavily searched for subjects relating to swimming pools - and for good reason. If you have ever had a leak in your pool before you already know how difficult, time consuming and expensive it can be to resolve this problem. Swimming pool leaks can be very elusive to find even for seasoned professionals in the industry. This is why many pool builders and swimming pool service companies offer little or no leak detection services. This is also why there are companies that specialize in only pool leak detection. In many cases these companies do not even fix the leaks that they find instead operating more as a "leak detection" service as opposed to a "leak repair" service, NJ Pool Patcher can take care of the leak detection and repairs on most pools. This may seem counterintuitive for pool owners who seek the assistance of professional leak detection companies. Once you hire the leak detection company and they locate the leak you still need to have a pool service or repair company come and actually perform the required repairs.