• Pool Leak Phone Support

  • Leak Support Home Owners

    Swimming pool home owners for years have had the trouble of pool leaks and loosing water, but a top-rated Leak Detection Company may have never been available near the home owner. Over years of us being in business and answering many phone calls a day we have in the past at times walked customers through the step by step process to help them find the pool leak that was causing the issue to home owners located outside our service area as a “complimentary service” when time allowed us to.

    We are now opening the gates for the rest of the U.S. to be able to schedule a phone appointment to received the same service of support and tech diagnostic with us and help you, the home owner either locate, or narrow it down to the point to stop the leak, at least temporarily.

    By our many years of experience, we have seen a lot. We have made our own tricks for different situation to locate leaks quickly even without expensive electronics.


    Home Owners Rates for phone support $ 95.00

  • Leak Support Businesses

    Swimming pool leak detection is a niche business, and if you’re in the pool repair or even the pool building areas you will know not many people will release the secretes of leak detection or how to find that exact location on a broken leaking pipe that’s located underground beneath dirt or even concrete.

    Companies have purchased thousands of dollars in electronic equipment and have figured out its not as easy to find the leaks without one on one training, this training can be done over the phone believe it or not. Sometimes the correct equipment has not been purchased or additional items have been forgotten, but again without the proper instruction from someone other then a sales rep is what’s needed.

    A step by step what is needed and what isn’t, easy tips and short cuts, pressure testing and locating that leak. How to make pipe leaks make noise down deep so you can hear it from the surface, under dirt or concrete. Different types of noises for different leak locations. We can help you with any question you may have and get you finding the hidden leaks fast ! It is not uncommon for us to be able to find a pipe leak and locate it underground with pressure testing in less than an hour.


    Business Rates for phone support $ 350