• Leaking Pool Skimmer Box Repair

    In New Jersey a new skimmer box for an inground swimming pool can cost an average cost of $1500 or more to replace it, not to mention new tile work if needed. Most companies will change a skimmer box without letting the customer know of repair options that can save the pool owner a lot of time and money.

    Our company seeks the fastest repairs possible that fix the skimmer issues as well as save the customer the unneeded costs.

    • No Destructive Cutting
    • No New Skimmer Box
    • No 6 Hours Of Labor
    • And No $1500 Repair Bill!

    Our newest repair techniques allow for Fast, Durable, Inexpensive Repairs and are appreciated by hotels or home owners that do not want a cement pad cut with the large bill that follows.

    Our "average" non destructive skimmer box repair starts at only $ 650 .

    Cracks in the throat, bowl or at the connection to tile work can be repaired by us for a fraction of the cost and a fraction of the time!

    Please contact us with your needs of a pool skimmer repair.