• Pipe Leaks From Termites In NJ - Pipe Leak Repair "WITHOUT DIGGING!"


     In ground pools which don’t utilize wood but instead have chosen all man made supplies are at risk as well. Termites will be drawn to these pools because of their water or termites will find them by mistake. Since termites almost always have some part of their colony out on a “seek and find” mission for both food and water, in ground pools as well as above ground pools can’t hide even if they are made with all synthetic material. Their thin liners are not enough to hide the water which lies inside. Termites will detect the water and target any weak part of a pools design including the liners, as well as pipes pvc or flex pipe underground.

     Termites ability to detect water – even through thick pool liners – will initiate an interest. If they desire or need the water bad enough, they will chew their way through causing leaks. Slow at first, water loss will almost be non-detectable. However, most termite harvesting of water will tend to increase and as more and more access holes are created, water loss will be fast and noticeable. Soon, water loss will so bad the liner will have to be replaced. Many people believe termites “ate” their liner when in fact the termites really “ate through” the liner (at this point we don’t think termites are able to digest and convert plastic to food!). The same goes with underground pipe materials.

  • Termite Pool Leak Repairs

    We have a lot of different ways we repair the damage done to your pool and pipes by Termites.

    • Pool Liners that have been damaged by termites does not always mean you need a pool liner right away. We have repaired may that have been attacked by a termite colony in search of water. Our electronic liner leak detection methods helps us determine if a termite problem is the cause of your leak. Sometimes an underwater diver is required to determine as well if it termites or not by inspecting every inch of your liner underwater.
  • Termites & Pipe Leaks

    • Underground pipes that have slow leaks that have been found during pressure testing may have been caused by termites. Multiple Microscopic holes can add up to be a big leak if stacked next to one another. We have the technology and ways to repair undergound pipes without having to cut your costly cement deck. This method will be suitable for some home owners, though we must perform a full pressure test to see if this method qualifies for the pipe in question prior to application.