• Pool Leaks - how a homeowner can save money


    "Monitor your water loss !"

    To clarify, the reason why a pool owner can find a leak that a pool company can not find is actually very simple. The pool company could likely find the leak if they spend enough time testing different parts of your pool looking for it. The problem is that you will not be happy with the massive labor bill you receive for the amount of time they needed to spend locating and fixing the leak. The process of testing a pool for leaks is one that takes time, and must be completed in stages. What this means is that a pool will need multiple return trips from a service technician to complete a process of elimination style of tests. If the leak ends up being somewhat elusive or hard to find this could result in dozens of return trips to your house.

    Do all pool leaks require dozens of visits from leak detection workers? No, certainly not, but enough of them do that many pool companies are wary about taking on leak detection work. What many service companies are now doing is enlisting the pool owner to conduct different stages of the testing on their own (following instruction from the pool company) in order to reduce on the number of trips they will need to make to your property. The more information that a pool company is able to learn about your pool, and specifically the symptoms of how your pool is losing water, the better their ability to efficiently diagnose and locate the leak. Many of the "leak tests" that a pool company will do as part of the process of elimination to find your leak are actually easy enough that you can do them yourself. While the average pool owner many not be able to find and fix every pool leak, there are many pool owners who will get lucky and find the leak themselves just by conducting some simple tests. Even a simple test can provide huge insight as to where the pool is leaking - with a little luck and some help from the information on this page hopefully you can find and fix yours.