• Pool Leak Detection

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  • Pool Leak Detection

    NJ Pool Patcher LLC finds leaks by putting a small electrical charge into the pool water, then tracking the flow of electricity as it makes connections to the ground through conductive penetrations in the liner. This technology is effective on any water containing vessel with and electrically insulating shell (i.e. vinyl, fiberglass, etc.)

    This is the newest and the highest state of the art way, with combined dye leak testing to located a lined swimming pool leak.

  • Water is precious. At NJ Pool Patcher LLC, we know that leaks can deplete our state’s water supply as well as your wallet. And with meters going in all over the greater NJ area, a leak that once silently crippled water conservation now bangs on your door with a hefty bill. That’s where we can help.

    NJ Pool Patcher LLC, is a small, specialized, insured and fully licensed business, serving the Monmouth, Middlesex, and Ocean County area’s pool leak detection needs. We pride ourselves on high-quality, dependable service, and use the latest non-invasive, non-destructive detection technology.

  • Is Your Pool Is Losing Water

    We take a systematic approach to each and every job, no matter the size, analyzing the whole plumbing system to pinpoint exact locations. It's the only way to ensure accurate, sound solutions and keep your repair costs to a minimum. We know water is precious. So are your time and money.

    Leaks that go unchecked can cause costly damage to pumps and equipment, raise your water bill and force you to add more and more chemicals just to balance the system. No amount of guesswork will find the leak on your pool, spa, or fountain. Our leak detection specialists test your liners.

  • Our guarantee

    By using our state of the art leak detection equipment , we can isolate the specific leak. We check the structure both from the surface and underwater using scuba equipment and utilize non-toxic dyes, injected into cracks and holes, to locate structural leaks.

    A high water bill, loosing water, or puddling water may be your only clue that there's a leak. Our leak technicians pull together all the clues and investigate thoroughly to resolve the problem.

    We aim for the highest level of accuracy for our reputation!

  • We use patented technology to direct us to even the smallest pinhole leaks in minutes. Stop paying other companies to waste time visually inspecting every inch of a liner. Join our customer list of who have called us for their pool leak detection and repair needs. Let us locate your problem areas in your pool with this amazing piece of equipment.